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Income Assurance & Financing

ASSURING INCOME is increasingly important! Lenders need to see a realistic and clearly defined repayment plan.  Strategic marketing plans and pre-selling strategies can increase your income and pay-off ability.  These plans and strategies can be protected, even assured, by choosing and implementing the right revenue plans.

The UAR™ PATENTED FINANCIAL PROCESS will help you create a profit plan, which is part of our Total Management System.  It actually quantifies your financial risk and market risk to build your individualized risk status, and then integrates financing, strategic marketing plans, and Federal Crop Revenue insurance--ALL to assure your income and minimize risk.

It makes sense!  The marketing plans and pre-selling strategies assure the financing payoff and turn product into cash.  Likewise, our True Assurance® calculator will help you optimize your selection of the best Federal Crop Revenue plan for your operation, which will guarantee your marketing plans!  When you protect your equity and limit losses, PROFITS will take care of themselves.

FINANCING RESOURCES:  The patented process utilizes its Ag Express Financing® program to build a comprehensive financial plan, which will combine lines of credit with assured income and integrated marketing plans.  We will take this plan to our network of lenders built over 30 years to help you find the best financing terms available.  We can help you lower costs, restructure debt, protect your business, and improve your profitability, all while working to minimize risk!

RELATED SERVICES:  Other strategic risk management tools and areas of expertise include:

  • Specific Weather Coverage
  • Hail Insurance
  • Livestock Revenue Insurance Plans (a helpful complement to your marketing and pre-selling strategies)
  • Real estate financing
  • Livestock facilities financing
  • Leasing or financing of machinery

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