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Estate Planning

ESTATE PLANNING is more than avoiding probate; it should be a tailored plan based on your goals, needs, and your financial portfolio. It should protect your assets from estate recovery of rising health care costs and public assistance. It should seek to minimize taxation so that your heirs do not have to liquidate your estate just to pay the tax. It should be a comprehensive strategy that addresses the rising costs of inflation and health care, minimizes uncertainty, and maximizes the value of the estate.

There are many kinds of trusts and other estate planning tools (e.g., life insurance policies, long-term care plans) to meet your goals. These can range from very simple to very complex, based on your needs, but the only limitation is your imagination. Common goals are to:

  • Avoid probate
  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Build a family legacy for grandchildren and their heirs
  • Protect you and your heirs from creditors or lawsuits
  • Protect natural heirs from inheritance situations arising from divorce or remarriage
  • Protect family assets from unnecessary waste
  • Govern the distribution of assets and income to minor children and the disabled
  • Provide instruction for the care of children and the disabled

UAR and its network of professionals are ready and able to help you determine your estate planning goals and needs and develop a plan to fulfill them.

For questions or more information, email or call us at 515-961-2736 .

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