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The difference between a good year and a great year is knowing when, where, and how to sell your production; i.e., grain and/or livestock.  Marketing can be very emotional and subjective; there is always the "what if".  But, what if you could take the subjective out of the market, and replace it with an objective analysis of probabilities?

UAR's bundled patent process performs this objective analysis, taking what the market gives and using a variety of marketing tools to help you meet your goals and profit objectives whether the market prices go up or down. Our strategic marketing profit plan:

  • Combines pre-selling market opportunities with a written strategic plan designed to help you earn more and keep more of your money
  • Will be tailored to your operation and customized to meet your business and personal objectives
  • Ensures that you will understand your unit break-even costs, cash flow demands, and where to best allocate your capital
  • Quantifies your financial risk and market risk
  • Provides confidence to stay in the markets to add to your price and profits, thereby capturing income instead of protecting price.
  • Sets price targets for implementing cash sales, and allows you to safely pre-sell

Marketing News and Information: Things change pretty fast in this unpredictable world of agribusiness, which makes timely information one of the most valuable commodities.  UAR can provide you with customized, up-to-date research, and deliver timely information from marketing specialists about markets, weather, and livestock.

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