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Precision Ag Services

Technology is the new frontier of agriculture, and keeping up with it can be overwhelming.  We want to help ag producers stay on the cutting edge!  We or our technology partners can help you with:

  • Data Management Strategies & Storage: Precision Ag data has immense value for making management decisions.  These decisions must be based on real-life questions you have about improving your operation, driven by your collected data.  This collected data has tremendous value beyond the benefits you see in the cab.  Contact us to build a complete data plan for your needs, which includes storing, analyzing, and safeguarding your precision data.
  • Generating Comprehensive Field Operation Reports: A complete set of crop production data and reports can assist you in making good farming decisions.  Seeing all your information (such as yield maps, soil-type maps, and input maps) in one place is a powerful tool you can use to generate planting & fertilizer prescriptions, compare hybrids, increase yields and profit, and decrease overall cost.
  • Crop Insurance Reporting: You can save money on crop insurance premiums by reporting your actual planted acres from your calibrated planter monitor
  • Acreage Certification: Save time by certifying your planted acres with us instead of spending hours elsewhere.
  • RTK-based Steering: Use a state-of-the-art cellular-network driven GPS steering system to achieve sub-inch accuracy when planting and spraying.

UAR can help connect you with agricultural technology experts to stay current, become more profitable, and achieve higher efficiency.  Let us help you navigate this fast-changing arena!

For questions or more information, email or call us at 515-961-2736 .

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