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Retirement Planning

RETIREMENT PLANNING is on the mind of every American today.

  • "Will my money last long enough?"

  • "Can I live independently without having my adult children take care of me?"
  • "Will I be able to do what I want to do when I retire?"
  • "Will my spouse be taken care of?"
  • "Will I be able to afford health care and taxes?"

Most people are afraid that these answers are "no", but it seems too difficult to figure out.  They put it off until later and hope that it will work itself out.

Like most things, you are better off to plan earlier rather than later.  It is not too late to start, and UAR can help you ask the right questions, come up with manageable goals, and figure out a path to implement them.  Our motto is "Preserve and Protect" as you get closer to retirement--the focus shifts from wealth creation to wealth preservation and income generation!  For those with a longer time frame, we would look at longer-term solutions designed to grow your money over time, but still retain some level of protecting your principal.

The solutions are often easier than you think, but it will take discipline to stick to your plan and a commitment to re-examine your plan regularly to determine if your goals are changing.  Ultimately, you want a plan that enables you to live comfortably, enjoy life, and leave a legacy to your loved ones!

UAR can give you as little or as much help as you need, ranging from a simple push in the right direction (e.g., opening an IRA or rolling over employer retirement accounts to a self-administered IRA or index annuity) to a more hands-on approach that regularly revisits your needs and financial status.

Often, this hands-on approach will include forming a comprehensive strategy that bundles retirement planning, estate planning, and protection in a way that will protect and preserve what you have worked so long to build.  For instance, a chronic medical condition (Alzheimer's, nursing home care) could wipe out all of your retirement accounts and other assets and leave nothing to your spouse and heirs.  This can be prevented with long-term care insurance beforethese conditions arise.  This is merely one example and one solution; UAR will help you think through a variety of scenarios and solutions and help you implement the ones that are important to you.

For questions or more information, email or call us at 515-961-2736 .

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