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Wake Up Call!

UAR™ is sounding the alarms, giving you a WAKE-UP CALL. Seed, chemical/ fertilizer, and grain companies are consolidating to combine their assets; lending institutions are consolidating. The Federal Government’s role is changing as well. WHY? To increase their control, lower costs, increase profits, and enhance their already formidable power.

So who is not combining their purchasing, selling, and financing power? YOU! We want to help you, the producer, consolidate that power while maintaining your independence and leveling the playing field.

UAR™ understands your goals to stay ahead, profit, and be independent. We believe you are the expert for your operation, and we will supply you with vital information and resources concerning inputs, finance, crop revenue insurance, and marketing.

“For thus has the Lord said to me, ‘Go, set a watchman. Let him declare what he sees.’”
— Isaiah 21:6

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